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week 33

Week 33 was exciting. We teamed up with KARM(Knox Area Rescue Ministries). We sold the plastic bands called Buddy Bands. We made commercials that were on our school morning news.We made $1000 off of selling buddy bands to our school.We also did a pirate play and awards night. I only got one medal but that was all I wanted.Well thats all.

Top 10 moments of 5th grade

1. Haunted House






4.Buddy bands






7.making movies


8.Safty post


9.Capture the flag



Week 32

This week was boring. We had Tcap this week. Also after TCAPS everyday we get to go out for basically the whole day. We went to the guar den to weed and do something else. Well yeah so that snake died so we buried it in a hole. Also Rocky Hill Rodeo is today, I am going to help my dad set it up with some other parents. Well the TCAPS are now over for now. They weren’t even hard. But I’m so happy we are over with Tcap! Well thats all. :D :D

Week 31

            The end of school is only like a month close!  This week we mulched,weeded, and planted seeds in our class garden. The seeds we planted were carrots,peppers, and peas. We will not be here to eat the seeds but the rising 5th graders will. Although we did get to have peppers,carrots, and something else. We have TCAPs next week. TCAPS are state test; they decide where you will be placed( Advance class or basic.) For the whole week we did TCAP prep. The snake in our garden was found dead. He took the body and dug a hole and put him in it. Well thats all.

Week 30

Week 30 was cut short. There is no school on Friday because of Easter weekend. I’m going out of town though instead of my family’s annual Easter egg hunt. I will be going to South Carolina. The trip will probably be boring, however if we leave earlier we get to have lunch at Asheville. So for Easter weekend we have Monday and Friday off.Well this week in school we were almost in the lead of the contest. The keyword in that sentence is: were. One of the Golden Haney’s brought in 6 bags of candy(A bag of candy Like a Halloween size bag is two medals each). So now the Golden Haney’s got 12 extra medals. So I’m pretty sure they won the contest this week. Although everyone gets extra recess because of a short week. Also I just remembered the Ticket To Read contest that has been going on for like 3 months now. I wonder who is going to win.Well that is all this week.



Weather and climates are all around the world but are different. This is mainly caused by mountains and oceans. I am going to talk how mountains and oceans affect weather.


Oceans change the climates by acting as a conveyer belt. They send warm water to polar region to heat it up and cold water to tropics to cool them down. Oceans collect and store solar radiation. Oceans will also distribute the solar radiation around the globe. Cities near oceans tend to have similar climate all year long.


Mountains affect the climate and weather by forcing air up to where it condenses. As clouds try to get over the mountain they start to precipitate. By the time they are all the way up the mountain they will have no water to precipitate, therefore leaving the leeward side dried out.

Week 29

Week 29 was just T-cap prep. We had a track meet. Rocky Hill made 1st over all. Almost everyone is going to championships. We also made power points to send to how french Epals. Today we got to see the Rocky Hill soul singers sing African songs. Rock my Soul was one of them.  I think our Black Berry bush is still alive. The snake died D: . R.I.P Shelly, I just like the name Shelly. We also finally got the prize in music. Mustache pencil toppers. I also started up flag football. My whole team is my friends. Well some. Also my cousins are in town for like 2 weeks. I have four cousins who live near North Dakota. I think their new house or old house is behind a corn field so its pretty fun there. Well that is it!