Week 30

Week 30 was cut short. There is no school on Friday because of Easter weekend. I’m going out of town though instead of my family’s annual Easter egg hunt. I will be going to South Carolina. The trip will probably be boring, however if we leave earlier we get to have lunch at Asheville. So for Easter weekend we have Monday and Friday off.Well this week in school we were almost in the lead of the contest. The keyword in that sentence is: were. One of the Golden Haney’s brought in 6 bags of candy(A bag of candy Like a Halloween size bag is two medals each). So now the Golden Haney’s got 12 extra medals. So I’m pretty sure they won the contest this week. Although everyone gets extra recess because of a short week. Also I just remembered the Ticket To Read contest that has been going on for like 3 months now. I wonder who is going to win.Well that is all this week.



Weather and climates are all around the world but are different. This is mainly caused by mountains and oceans. I am going to talk how mountains and oceans affect weather.


Oceans change the climates by acting as a conveyer belt. They send warm water to polar region to heat it up and cold water to tropics to cool them down. Oceans collect and store solar radiation. Oceans will also distribute the solar radiation around the globe. Cities near oceans tend to have similar climate all year long.


Mountains affect the climate and weather by forcing air up to where it condenses. As clouds try to get over the mountain they start to precipitate. By the time they are all the way up the mountain they will have no water to precipitate, therefore leaving the leeward side dried out.

Week 29

Week 29 was just T-cap prep. We had a track meet. Rocky Hill made 1st over all. Almost everyone is going to championships. We also made power points to send to how french Epals. Today we got to see the Rocky Hill soul singers sing African songs. Rock my Soul was one of them.  I think our Black Berry bush is still alive. The snake died D: . R.I.P Shelly, I just like the name Shelly. We also finally got the prize in music. Mustache pencil toppers. I also started up flag football. My whole team is my friends. Well some. Also my cousins are in town for like 2 weeks. I have four cousins who live near North Dakota. I think their new house or old house is behind a corn field so its pretty fun there. Well that is it!


Week 28

Week 28 was fast. In library we had to read poems. Although I’m not a poem person. My friend had a birthday party. It was at Jump Jam. It was so fun and I went on the Ninja Course like 9 times. We also are planting blackberry bushes in our class garden. The Haney Huffers won this medals this week. You can also buy socks made out of bamboo (Socks of splinters). We also have to do T-CAP prep. which is boring but we get rewarded if we do well. In science we did bingo for  candy. We also got Cupcakes on Monday cause we had a three days our teacher was gone. Also Sumdog contest last Friday. Also we found a snake in our garden.















Did you know there are hundreds of tools used in science? They have changed many lives.They make it easy for us to see items the human eye can’t. Like be able to see stars and planets in space.The  even make cures for deceases. I am going to talk about three Science tools.

The petri dish, microscope, and telescope.


The microscope made it able for us to see an item the naked eye can not see.The microscope is made up of: eyepiece,tube,coarse focus, nose piece, objective lens, rack stop,arm, fine focus, illuminator, and the base. Objective  lens  have 4x,10x,40x, and 100x views.


The petri dish as saved many lives by curing deceases. The medicine called penicillin was made by a petri dish. A petri dish is made up of glass or plastic. It is a shallow circle. Petri dishes are mainly used to cure deceases. But are also used to view small animals or seed germination.


Now i will talk about the telescope. The telescope made it easy to see stars and planets. The telescope is made up of: Base,fork tine,wedge, tube,declination lock, finder scope ,eyepiece,star diagonal,tailpiece adaptor, focus knob, R.A. lock, R.A slow motion knob, and the pier. The telescope was invented by Hans Lippershey in 1608.





Week 27

Week 27 was sorta regular. Our teacher had to go out for most of the week cause his Grandmother died. He said if we did good we would give us a party on Monday. I didn’t make it to reading buddies. Didn’t do much special this week. But no Friday fun lunch because we have a sub.Her name is Mrs. Tedford.

here is my research.


By: Jackson Bowman



Did you know your body is made up of millions of cells? Cells contain lots of organelles.  The main organelles are: Vacuoles, Nucleus, mitochondria, cytoplasm, and cell membrane. A plant cell has a cell wall and a animal cell doesn’t. The nucleus Controls the cell. Membrane lets stuff and or out. Vacuoles store food and waste. Cytoplasm keeps the organelles from hitting each other and it is also full of nutrients. Cells are also made up of Ribosomes, Golgi complex, vessels, peroxisomes, centrioles, and lysosomes.


The plant and animal cells are similar but different, too. The animal cell has  centrioles. The plant cell has a cell wall so it can stand up to get sunlight. The plant cell also has chloroplast that produces chlorophyll . The chloroplast makes the plant green and also feeds it.The vacuoles in the plant cell is bigger than in the animal cell.


The animal cell gets its energy from the food it eats. But plants have to get their energy from the process of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is a mixture of carbon dioxide ,water, and sunlight. It is used to feed the plant.

Week 25

Hello again! Well this week was shorter than normal. We had Monday off because there was a good chance of ice. I guess they didn’t want to take a risk. Since they did get snowed in like five times or more probably. I heard this school in Kentucky was snowed in twenty six times past thier five day no school cause of snow limit. So goodbye spring break for them and a bit of Summer. We have gone like one past our limit. Spring Break is now a day later. Also it was Doctor Suess week! We had wacky Wednesday ,Fox in Sox Monday (it was Tuesday cause of ice) also twin day, and Green eggs and Ham Day. We also finished everything in grammar now reviewing a random topic every day. Also our 5th grade play is coming up it is about pirates. Well thats all!   Now here is my research. Do you want an exciting job? Well Nautical Archeology is your job! Nautical Archeology is deep sea diving and finding shipwrecks and all sorts of other stuff. The equipment you need for this job is: a diving mask, oxygen tank, and a scuba suit.   In Nautial Archeology you look a archeology in water. But its not just ship wrecks. Forts, houses,harbors, and much more can be investagted but ship wrecks are the most common sites. In this adventurous job you will dive deep into the ocean. Some times in a submarine.

week 24

Week 24 flew by so fast. So today was Dad’s Donuts. If you bring your dad to the gym you get a donut and a drink. I didn’t have much because my stomach was hurting. For research we had to  write a paper of an adventure story! Our teacher assisant is now going to kindergarten to study and help. So we had a big party,sung songs, and got to eat in the class room. We also got these little things from Santa Fe. We did a  lesson on Icees! We could write a paragraph or a song. I did paragraph. But my Friend did a song to Frozen Do You Want to Build a Snowman. Also we did a race off with cars. Here is my research. Goodbye!



One day we were going on a field trip to the Smokey mountains. I was paired up with Andrew. We were walking with the class in the back of the line. Suddenly Andrew jumps off the trail and races away! I go after him to get him back on the trail but he was far ahead. I finally caught up to him.But we were lost. We looked around there was no one but a chipmunk and no trail.

“ Great we are lost now” I said.

“Don’t worry we will find our way back” He said.

So we walked around, passed a lake and a few rivers.

“So when are we going to get back?”

“I don’t know.”

So finally we found a trail but, We  spotted a black bear.

“ Hey Andrew?”


“What is that black spot moving?”

“That will be giant furious bear.”

So we ran off, not wanting to return back to the giant bear’s place. We went backwards to find a trail there. We didn’t though but, we did see a bunch of deer pass us up.


We sat on a large stump. My stomach growled

“I’m hungry.” “Me too.”

I opened my lunch box and got out a sandwich and gave Andrew a croissant. We ate lunch for about 10 minutes. We just sat there for a couple of minutes then went in.

We finally found a trail. We followed it to the bottom. We saw a squirrel run up a tree. a bird chase after a bug. We kept walking.


Later we finally reached the picnic area. But there was trash everywhere. We knew that they had finished lunch. We walked around looking for anyone but there was no one there. We walked down the trail but we came across a two way trail we decided to go to the right trail.


We walked and walked and walked. We finally saw a parking lot. It was hard to find the bus. We thought they had left so we just walked on. We went to the lobby and sat there for ten mintues. Later we finally decided to go check again, We finally found the bus!


We ran to the bus and got in our seats like we weren’t missing. We then rode back to school and got to go outside and play. The end




National Park service, The Great Smokey Mountains National Park,02/10/14, February 26,2014,  http://www.nps.gov/grsm/index.htma